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It's Rodeo Time!

I love this time of year for so many reasons.  The warm air, the end of the school activities with the anticipation of upcoming summer fun, and also because it is rodeo time.  I grew up in Vernon, Texas, just 30 miles down the road from my current hometown of Quanah.  On May, 17-20th, Vernon will be celebrating their annual Santa Rosa Roundup.  If you are traveling through on Wednesday the 17th, stay for the Santa Rosa parade, then head on out to the rodeo grounds for the amazing BBQ meal provided by the local Lion's Club.  There is absolutely nothing like good ole Texas BBQ!  

After the BBQ, walk over to the Santa Rosa arena to watch the first night of rodeo action and enjoy the talent of the historic Santa Rosa Palomino Club.  These talented riders give all they have to entertain the crowd, and they never disappoint!  My little boy Brady sure couldn't take his eyes off of them!  

Rodeo is such a wonderful tradition.  I'm very nostalgic, so to go each year to the area rodeos brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood.  As I write my Hitchin' Post books, I often include these special memories.  I want my children to experience some of the same things that I did.  I want them to savor their childhood and remember a time that wasn't so rushed or stressed.  To be able to hear that good old country music play and have their minds drift back to a time that will forever bring a smile to their faces.  This is what I remember about mine and what I yearn for for them in a time of such rushing around and completely filled days.    

In my next Hitchin' Post book, Hitch celebrates the Annual 6Bs 4th of July Rodeo and Dance, and...his five brothers come to visit.  Making these characters come to life was so much fun.  I can't wait to share my next book with you all, and I hope it proves to be a book that you will want to share with your family for generations.  

"The crowd jumped and cheered, 
they couldn't wait for the rodeo to get under way.
People were filling the stands at the 6Bs arena, 
and the country music began to play"

-Excerpt from the next book in the Hitchin' Post series


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